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The Diamond Effect

Authentic and Enduring

Successfully moving from industrial chemist to technical and business management roles inspired Dr Elaine to  create her learning and development consultancy and The Diamond Effect®.  Based on her own hands-on experience and complementary research it is an approach to learning and development designed to invest in and support scientists and engineers.

Natural Talents

Creativity plus problem-framing and analytical skills demonstrated by scientists and engineers are key to successfully surviving and thriving in a dynamic technical and business environment.

The Diamond Effect® builds on these abilities, extends them into a  variety of contexts and develops the additional skills needed for a modern leadership mindset.  It helps build and develop new skills and harness the natural talents of scientists and engineers.

Value and Resilience 

The Diamond Effect® creates value and builds resilience by developing and interlinking the skills needed to help scientists and engineers perform at their best and deliver far-reaching impact.

What we learn, challenges we face, the people we help, all build resilience and value for individuals and organisations.  Welcome to the power of The Diamond Effect®.

THE DIAMOND EFFECT® has 4 key elements...
Creativity: nurture innate talents and expand their scope
Caring: foster self-awareness and understanding of others
Communities: help harness the benefits of people power
Communication: get to the heart of impact and reach

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Follow on Twitter - @elainehickmott The Diamond Effect Blog Thoughts and Insights Video Style Connect on LinkedIn Meet via Google Plus

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