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Design Case Study


Investing In High-skills Scientists and Engineers Broadens Horizons


High-skills Adding Value

Industry needs the high-skills of postgraduate researchers yet many of them see themselves purely as future academics.  In addition, the numbers who end up in senior academic positions are relatively small.  Therefore, expanding knowledge and transferrable skills beyond technical disciplines and academic practices are fundamental.  It improves researcher impact in the workplace and helps deliver the benefits high-skills individuals add to the economy.
A range of opportunities exist beyond academia and researchers are well placed to create and capitalise on them.  Often reluctance to explore more widely is linked to self-confidence, and the absorbing nature of postgraduate research. 
The higher education sector client already provides a wealth of support, initiatives and development routes to address this and wanted to extend their impact by engaging external expertise to support its work with scientists and engineers. 

Bringing A Fresh Approach

An external perspective was fundamental to the client’s requirements; as was real insight and experience from someone who had successfully made the transition out of academia.  They also required expertise from someone who was able to translate this experience in to a variety of tailored, interactive learning and development interventions.  
Having previously worked with Elaine, she was approached to design and deliver a range of modules to complement existing skills development programmes.







Elaine is fantastic for researchers as she brings the credibility of someone who has succeeded in both research and in the business world.  She is the perfect person to help researchers learn how to walk between the different worlds of academia and business, paving the way for them to have a real impact on the broader economy.  Most importantly, she does this in a way that is fun, full of energy and empowering for participants. 
Head of Learning and Development







Learning For All

Researchers come from a rich variety of cultural, social and technical backgrounds.  Designing workshops and programmes which add value for everyone and allow for different learning styles is therefore imperative.  Modules were created to expand participants’ horizons, develop transferrable skills and encourage thinking beyond the detail of their research.  In addition, the workshops reinforced that the technical skills crucial to their work in combination with transferrable skills contribute to employability, bring impact to society and the economy and lead to career success. 


Researchers Have Their Say

Participants were asked what they were going do differently following the modules. 

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Working With Elaine

I would absolutely recommend working with Elaine. She always works hard to tailor material and delivery to meet the needs of specific participant groups. Her energy and enthusiasm are contagious. Participants walk away feeling valued and like they can take on the world!
Head of Learning and Development





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