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Design Case Study


Investing In Creativity To Boost Profitability


I was approached by a client who has a world-class pedigree in talent development within the travel, events and hospitality industry. Having previously worked together they recognised the benefit of my external perspective and commissioned me to design and deliver an interactive creativity workshop to add to the company’s existing programmes.

Challenging Times

The travel, events and hospitality sectors operate in a world where the speed of change and the amount of customer options continues to increase. Enhanced competition brings more day to day challenges and businesses need to stand out from the crowd, generate customer loyalty, deliver focused customer service, offer differentiated products and deliver operational excellence in order to bring success.

The client's Board recognised that by helping unleash, harness and develop creative thinking; it could help its own clients stay ahead of the competition and build more profitable business.

Creatively Commercial

The company wanted a learning initiative that was aimed at owners, directors and business development professionals from within the travel, events and hospitality industries.  Therefore, as well as my creative thinking expertise, the organisation wanted participants to benefit from my business experience; bringing them content with a keen commercial focus.

Learning For All

As attendees would be coming from a variety of functions and sectors, designing a workshop which added value for everyone and allowed for different learning styles was imperative.  Content was created that introduced them to tools and tips to improve their creative thinking and gave them the opportunity to apply it to their own situations.  The impact of creativity on commercial success and profitability, and how to achieve it, were reinforced throughout the session.
Participant feedback was positive and confirmed the workshop had encouraged them to think differently. Many commented that they had arrived assuming they were not creative and this perception changed during the session. As well as better understanding creativity and how to harness it for profitability they were able to recognise and develop their own creative abilities.






The Client Said...

Elaine was my first choice for the design and delivery of a creativity workshop. I wanted something impactful and different and know Elaine's results-driven approach and fresh perspective complements our own philosophy for training and skills development.

Elaine has demonstrable experience which can be evidenced and she is adept  at transferring her skills across all industries. Working with her is an easy process because she understands and recognises your needs as a client as well as those of the training participants.
Learning and Development Director





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